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Carpets – a colourful shade

Today’s carpets come in a variety of beautiful colors and shades, but the carpet fibers don’t start out that way. The carpet needs to be dyed, in order to bring out all of the vibrant colours available for you! Get a quick lesson in the different types of carpet dyeing below, so you can stay informed and make the right choice.

Solution Dyed

Solution dyed carpet has the colour added when the carpet fibers are still in a molten state.


The pigment is mixed in before the fiber is pulled into strands! Solution dyed fibers are the same color throughout the entire strand.

This means that they have better colour penetration, and are less likely to fade. You can even use household bleach on some types of solution dyed carpet!


Solution dyeing produces rich, vibrant colors. This process is easier for the manufacturer to maintain colour control over time.


This means the carpet produced today will look exactly the same as carpet produced years earlier.

Solution dyed carpet makes for a great choice if you need to match colours from your existing carpet.


Topically Dyed

Topically dyed carpet has the pigment applied after the carpet is produced.

The carpet is soaked in large vats of dye or is sprayed or printed with colour. Often, topically dyed carpet has just a thin layer of colour over the white strands underneath.


This makes topically dyed carpet less resistant to fading which is caused by exposure to sunlight and other discolouration


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