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Engineered wood:  the top layer of an engineered board (the lamella) is solid wood, usually hardwood, and may be anything from 2 to 6mm thick; obviously the thicker the surface layer the more times it can be sanded and refinished to remove the ravages of wear; the thickest wear layers are equivalent to those on solid timber boards. 


The lamella is securely bonded to one or two further layers - this may be a multi-layered plywood or a sandwich with either a softwood or hardwood core.


Sports Floor   Wydean school

Wood Flooring

Smithkline Beecham's canteen

Resilient Flooring

This typically refers to vinyl sheet flooring.

As the name implies, this type is really ideal for commercial flooring since materials are durable and designed to give outstanding performance especially in high traffic areas.

Vinyl is also available in tile form with various colours to choose from.

We can supply and install many types of Resilient flooring from slip resistant for kitchens, to level access showers coved up the wall.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Often know as LVTs, luxury vinyl tiles or planks offer something truly unique; they have the realistic look of whatever material you desire, such as: wood, stone, or ceramic tile. In addition to this, they are extremely hardwearing, easy to care for and naturally warm underfoot. LVT's are extremely tolerant of moisture and challenging environments, perfect for busy family life whether you have pets, children or entertainment in mind ... a vinyl floor could be just the answer to the texture and look that you are after. These tiles are versatile, so can be used to create a simple flowing effect or alternatively as a basis for a more intricate floor design. 


Rosebank surgery

Altro Resin Flooring Systems

Combining hygiene, durability along with performance, Altro epoxy, and polyurethane resin floor and wall systems. 

Altro has a variety of options to choose to suit your needs.

Our Altro trained staff are able to advise you which product is best for your situation.


Contact us today for a free measure and quotation on 01594 842600

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