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Where to start when choosing new flooring?

Flooring Guide

Most customers are not sure where to start when choosing flooring; let's start with the basics..


1: Where is the flooring to be laid?

Is the flooring likely to be affected by mositure from the surface or underneath the flooring? Consider the need for additional floor preparation.


2: Long term or short term?

It could be a rental property, so the carpet may need replacing frequently. Are you planning to move home in a few years?


3: Effect, finish or design?

With a vast array of products on the market, it is down to your imagination. Leave the rest to our experienced staff.


4: Cost?

 As an independent retailer, it is in our best interests to give you a reasonable, yet realistic price. We will guide you though these steps, to arrive at the most affordable cost to you, our customer.


Think through the following questions:

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The basics

A colourful shade

Which type for you?

Take a few quick lessons and understand about carpet types and there construction

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