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If something gets spilled on to your carpet, prompt action is required to prevent staining.


First and foremost


Coffee/tea, fruit juice, red wine,
port, sherry & blood 

Soak up as much liquid as possible with absorbent tissue, then dab the area with a clean white cloth moistened in a solution of diluted carpet shampoo and warm water or stain removing spray. Blot with paper towels or a clean white cloth, or vacuum thoroughly using a wet suction vacuum cleaner and repeat as required. Finally, dab with warm water applied with a clean cloth, and as before, blot or suck up all remaining moisture until dry.



Treat as for coffee, tea and fruit juice. An additional application of an oil/grease spot remover will remove any remaining grease. Finally, blot up or wet vacuum all remaining moisture and leave until dry. Carefully brush the area in the direction of the pile.

Grease - With a blunt knife or spatula, remove as much solid material as possible. Blot up the residue and treat with an oil/grease spot remover, blotting frequently with absorbent cloth.



Scrape up solids carefully with a blunt knife, then treat the stain with a proprietary brand of tar remover, following the instructions carefully.



Treat as for coffee, tea and fruit juice adding 1 egg cup of white vinegar to 1 pint of shampoo solution.



For liquid ink, follow the instructions for coffee, tea and fruit juice removal. For ball-point ink, moisten with a clean cloth and non coloured methylated spirits, blot carefully and when dry, brush the affected area in the direction of the pile.


Paint (oil based)

Blot excess spillage with absorbent tissue, then clean with a cloth moistened with white spirit. Be careful not to rub the pile or apply too much white spirit. Once the paint is removed, dab the area with diluted carpet shampoo on a clean, white cloth and blot or wet vacuum follow with an application of clean water. Blot or wet vacuum and leave until dry. Finally, brush the affected area in the direction of the pile.


Paint (emulsion)

Blot excess spillage with absorbent tissue then clean the affected area with cold water until the paint is removed, then treat with diluted shampoo as for oil based paint.


Shoe Polish

Carefully scrape up the solid and clean gently with a dry cleaning fluid. Use a clean, white cloth, moistened with diluted shampoo to rinse the area, blotting with a clean dry cloth or wet vacuum. Allow to dry thoroughly and brush the area in the direction of the pile.


Chewing Gum

Freeze the gum with a proprietary freezing agent, break up when frozen and remove.


  • Do not over wet into backing material

  • Always test any solution/detergent on an  of carpet prior to treating a stain

  • Use detergents at recommended dilution ratios

  • Scrape up or blot up any excess prior to treatment

  • Blot, never rub or scrub

  • Do not use inappropriate detergents on carpets or upholstery i.e. (washing up liquid, wash powders, household bleach, disinfectants)

  • Always work from the outside of the stain inward to avoid spreading

  • Always apply the cleaning fluid to the absorbent spotting material not directly onto the carpet or fabric

  • Encourage quick drying (carefully use a hairdryer on mild heat to assist)

  • Deal with stains as quickly as possible for increased chances of success

  • Keep the fabric or carpet as dry as possible

  • Carefully brush the area in the direction of the pile so  pile dries in the right direction

General Tips

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