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  •  Fitting dates/times of instructions: Fitting is to be carried out between 8.30am-5pm Monday to Friday, if times are outside of our normal working hours, then these will be charged as extra labour costs and may result in the delay of fitting. 

  • All fittings are booked in advance with the customer once goods are received from the manufactures

  • An indication as to the time of arrival by Apollo Carpets & Flooring Ltd, fitters on this agreed date will be, first call 8am-9am, late morning 1am-12pm etc. Whilst every effort is made to adhere to fitting dates and times, some events can be out of our control, i.e. staff sickness, delivery breakdowns etc,these can unavoidably and regrettably result in last minute cancellations or adjustments, if so, then we will do all in our power to re-arrange works, however we cannot be held liable for any inconvenience caused.

  •  Un-Completed installations: If installation is unable to be completed within the estimated time, a mutually convenient time for completion will be arranged.

  • Payments: A minimum deposit of 25% will be required to process the order. Once Installation has been completed, an invoice for the balance due will beissued, payment in full is required within 7 days of the invoice date. Payment methods are cheques, BACS, credit card, debit card or cash. The re-presentation ofcheques will be charged to the consumer for a payment of £15. Please note the goods supplied are to remain the property of Apollo Carpets & Flooring Ltd until payment in full is received for such goods. The company reserves the right of disposal of all goods delivered to the customer until paid for. If the customer requests part of the work to remain outstanding, then we shall invoice for the work carried out to date, leaving the balance on the remaining works, then we shall invoice for the work carried out to date, leaving the balance on the remaining works.

  • The customer will not deface or remove the company’s notice of ownership and retention

    of title affixed to goods until paid for. If the Customer sells goods delivered by the company, before they are paid for, it will do so as agent of the company Notwithstanding the foregoing, risk in goods delivered by the Company and all liability to third parties in respect of the goods will pass to the customer from the time when the customer has collected the goods, or when the company has delivered them either to the customer or to an independent carrier.


  • The customer will bear responsibility and risk for any loss arising from damage or theft of the company’s goods however caused.

  • Floor/Subfloor conditions: A level floor is essential to obtain maximum wear and subfloors should be as flat as possible prior to installation of the new floor.


  • Apollo Carpets & Flooring Ltd will recommend the necessary preparations required and this will usually be included in the estimate. When Velvet /Smooth pile carpets are purchased, lines or contours may be apparent when laid on floorboards. If requested, we can ply floor, prior to carpet installation. However, we will notbe responsible for eliminating such lines. In the case where subfloors are unable to be inspected prior to installation there may be additional charges if extra work/materials are required. When floors are out of level, we will only be able to follow the general contour of the existing floor.

    New concrete floors will need to be totally dry before a floor can be laid and Apollo Carpets & Flooring Ltd will not fit until satisfied that the concrete is totally dry. In the instance of concrete/solid floors, it is our policy to avoid screwing or nailing wherever possible. Please contact us if you feel your subfloor needs attention.

  • Skirting/Scotia edging: Wood flooring requires a gap around the perimeter of the floor; this can either be covered with a scotia beading or by the skirting being fitted after installation of the new floor.

  • Wood/Natural floor: Natural Wood floors can scratch, dent, mark, fade, shrink and expand; these are a natural occurrence so precautions are required by consumers. It is strongly recommended that the wood be left to acclimatise at house temperature for a minimum of 5 days prior to fitting. Wood should be stacked and spaces should be allowed every 5-8 boards to help air flow. Samples: Each piece of wood is unique in grain and colour and therefore cannot be truly representative of a finished installation.

  • Doors: Our estimator’s will try to advise if doors will need to be eased. In most cases we can arrange for this work to be carried out, costs will be dependent on carpenters estimate.

  • If you require us to arrange trimmings of doors we shall always try to do so as close to the fitting day as possible.Furniture/existing floorcoverings: to facilitate speedy and efficient fitting, all areas must be cleared as much as possible of furniture, effects and old carpet. Particular care will be taken by our fitters, however we cannot be held responsible for damaged items. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure rooms are clear of furniture and existing floor coverings.

  • We offer a service which covers both of these areas; should you require this service, please contact the shop for this to be included in your estimate.

  • Pipes/Cables: No responsibility can be accepted for damage to services under the floor i.e. alarm systems or consequential damage to property of fittingsunless they are clearly marked for the fitter to see, these should all be tested in the presence of the fitter before work is carried out.

  • Amtico. Karndean and Vinyl: These are vinyl floorings and are liable to scratch and mark. Every effort should be made to ensure furniture and appliances have felt pads or some other protection on the feet or legs so that they are not damaged or pulled. Some rubber soled shoes can scuff and mark these floors.

    Apollo Carpets & Flooring ltd cannot be held responsible for damage caused by these or similar.

  • Shading: Plain and tonal carpets are subject to shading/colour variance, due to pile pressure. This is an inherent characteristic of this type of carpet, but does not affect its wear ability.

  •  Complaints: In the event that a complaint may arise, the customer should contact the shop within 3 days of fitting. Should a site visit be

    required, Apollo Carpets & Flooring Ltd will strive to arrange this as soon as possible.

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Terms & Conditions

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